The Crew

Captain Galiston

SC Elena Captain

Captain Galiston has over 2 decades of fishing experience and is highly knowledgeable about the sea – ask him about the scientific research he’s conducted around the globe!

Our Instructors

Our friendly instructors will make sure to accommodate you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler.



Aaron spends much of his free-time fishing. He frequents payponds in Singapore and ventures offshore. His friends rely on his expertise as he often ties the fishing lines and rigs the prawn bait for them.



James was introduced to fishing by his uncle, who taught him how to fish for crabs in his native England. James has fished around the world – fresh water and salt. A dab hand with the wriggly prawns and agile in dispersing refreshments. A mad rugby fan, when he isn’t fishing he can be found on the golf course.



Hairil (Khai) found his passion for fishing when he was 12 years old, and enjoyed it as a hobby. His passion developed and a few years later he began fishing professionally. He now participates in competitive fishing and travels Southeast Asia to bait exotics such as Blackbass and Spotted Tail Bass. His quick hands with knot-tying and bait dispersion give him the advantage in his catches.



Mustaqim (Musz) spends his weekends surfcasting, crabbing, and searching for clams in mangroves. In addition, he fishes in freshwater and saltwater. With over 20 years of fishing experience, it’s no wonder Musz is an expert at setting up fishing rigs and baits.



Khairi (Khai) is an angler who has been fishing in his whole life. With 25 years of fishing experience, he is familiar with all kinds of fishing techniques from freshwater to saltwater fishing. Khai spends his vacations on solo fishing trips all around the world, hunting for new fishing experiences.



Mahathir, or Bhai as usually referred to by his fishing buddies, got hooked on fishing by his love of the sea. He picked up all kinds of fishing methods, from shore to deep sea, and eging to net casting. Bhai loves the sea and the food it bears. When he’s not fishing, he helps his clients with growing their investment portfolio and insurance needs.

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